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Holy Rosary / St. Mary's Catholic Church Community

Welcome to Holy Rosary / St. Mary's Catholic Church. Our goal is to serve the spiritual, sacramental, liturgical and other needs of the Catholic community in and around the Hilmar area of the great Central Valley of California. We are proud to be a part of the Diocese of Fresno lead by our great Bishop Ochoa.

Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we the beloved family of God at Holy Rosary/St. Marys are dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the strength of our worship, teaching and service we strive to be loving and supportive people reaching out with compassion and understanding to those in and beyond our parish family so that we come to be known as Christians by our faith and love.

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Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Hilmar, CA 2015

8471 Cypress St. P.O. Box 429 Hilmar, CA 95324 209-667-8961

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Important Parish News

**The Annual Mission Appeal
Please welcome Fr. Leon Bonikowski, OSFS who will be speaking at our parish this weekend on behalf of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, who engage in a wide variety of areas of service. Oblates are apostolates of education, parish work and foreign missions. They also work as teachers at religious and secular colleges and missionary areas as well as serving in military, campus, hospital and convent chaplaincies and in inner-city social work. Please be as generous as you can and show him your Hilmarian hospitality!!

**All Are Welcome!
Next weekend, August 22 & 23, the new church will be open to everyone after all Masses. Come have a sneak peek and see the progress that has been made as we near the end of the project.

**NEXT Weekend Special Collection is for the St. John’s Cathedral Preservation Fund.
St. John’s Cathedral, the mother church of the Diocese of Fresno, continues to be a symbol of unity of the Bishop and the people of God as it has been for over 100 years. Please be as generous as you can to help preserve the cathedral for another 100 years.

**Have A New Baby??
Our next Pre-Baptismal class will be held Thursday, August 20th at 7:00 p.m. in the parish center. Please pre-register by filling out the registration forms.

**Marriage Prep Program …
is getting ready to begin new sessions. If you are engaged and need to complete the marriage prep requirement, it is not too late to register. Engaged couples meet with a mentor couple for five sessions. Sessions will begin on Sunday, August 30th at 11:15a.m.. For more information contact, Odelta Cardoso

For the security and wellbeing of our church, as parishioners please feel free to question anyone acting suspiciously on the Parish grounds, especially anyone present at odd times.

**Thank you for all of the good work and care you have taken of our church! A big “thank you” to #3 Ines Vieira’s for making our church shine this week. We appreciate your generosity in sharing your time and talent. Next week will be Team #4 Dina Brindeiro’s team working hard to make our church a place worthy of our worship.

**2nd quarter earnings from the SaveMart Shares program was $2,599.56. We thank the SaveMart Corp. for their generosity and remind you that all your purchases count. Please remember to use your card every time you shop. It makes a difference. Total contribution to date is $88,192.31
Pope Francis has asked all Catholics worldwide to use the months ahead as a time of preparation & Prayer for the World Meeting of Families to be held in Philadelphia, Sept. 2015. God and Father of us all, in Jesus, your Son and our Savior, You have made us Your sons and daughters in the family of the Church. May Your grace and love help our families in every part of the world be united to one another in fidelity to the Gospel.
May the example of the Holy Family, with the aid of your Holy Spirit, guide all families, especially those most troubled, to be homes of communion and prayer and to always seek Your truth and live in Your love. Through Christ our Lord, Amen. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray of us!

The Year of Families

Here is the link to the World Meeting of Families
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