Holy Rosary / St. Mary's Catholic Church Community

Hilmar, CA / Stevinson, CA

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Please Keep in Your Prayers:

Deana Abraham, John Almeida, Priciliano Alejandre, Eliza Alves, Maria F. Amaral, Manuel Andrade, Bob Arieas, Angelica Avelar, Alzira Barcellos, Alex, Carroll, Sally and Scott Baggett, Joseph Belo, Maria Caetano, Donna & John Cardoza, AdelinaCosta, Cynthia Dawson, Sr. Marie DeChantel, John Delgado, Jose Deniz, Jordan Devires, Joyce Ebertowski, Melissa Ftizgerald-Whalen, Jared Germann, Alex Gonsalves, Fran Kowall, John Krikorian, Deacon Ed Kull, Andrea Leal, Rosa Leonardo, Steven Lundell, Ralph & Esther Martinez, Adam Mattos, Fatima Melo, Tony Mendes, Carmen Mora, Robert Mora Jr. , Jim Nichols, Maria Nunes, Kaiden Pacheco, Riley Rhoads,Isabella Rodrigues, Rob Rosa, Jeno Sanchez, Cecelia Sequeira, Theresa Sherman, Judith Teixeira, Rosa Teixeira, Zora Troiani, Dave Vieira and David Wood. We pray for God’s healing power and grace. Please remember if you have an ill family member or friend that you would like to include on our prayer list or even a visit by the priest

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This week's focus: Christian stewardship begins with the call to discipleship and today’s readings offer three stories about discipleship. In the Gospel, John the Baptist points to Jesus and two of his followers immediately walk after Jesus. Jesus asks them: “What are you looking for?” It is a very good question to ask of ourselves. What is it that we are looking for in Christ Jesus? What is it that we want by following Him? Is it that we desire most urgently to be servants, stewards, of the Lord? Or do we want something else?

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Our Mission Statement

Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we the beloved family of God at Holy Rosary/St. Marys are dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the strength of our worship, teaching and service we strive to be loving and supportive people reaching out with compassion and understanding to those in and beyond our parish family so that we come to be known as Christians by our faith and love.


If you have suggestions or something you would like to see incorporated into the website please send us an email and let us know. This site is for the parish and your input is vital.